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Available Aircraft

Airbus A320/321 - ACMI

Airbus A340 - ACMI
Tu-204C Freighter
Saab 340 - ACMI

Boeing 767-300ER - ACMI

Boeing 737-300F - ACMI

Beech 1900D - ACMI

Boeing 737-400 - combi
Boeing 737-800 - ACMI
EMB-120 - ACMI
ERJ-145 - ACMI

Ilyushin IL-62MGrF - Charter

Fokker F-50 - ACMI
Beech 1900D - Dry lease

Interested in any of the above aircraft?

If you can't see what you want we can certainly find it for you.

Passenger Freighter Combi
ACMI Charter Dry Lease

Telephone or e-mail your aircraft type & requirements.

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e-mail: SP-Aircraft

Tel: +44 1332 811536 (24hrs)

Financing available for qualified applicants


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2 x Boeing 757 Freighters ACMI Availability EASA COMPLIANT
IL-62MGr - 40 tons capacity {3.45 x 2m door, Stage III and all EU permissions}
ACMI - Current Availability

Saab 340 A, B, B+ winglets

ATR 42-300/320

Beech 1900D

AOC & Airline Start-up assistance
Available Aircraft and Engines
                    Aircraft - ACMI and Sale                                                    Engines

                  A340-300/600, A321, A320, A319                                              IAE V2500-A1
               B737 Classic and NG, B767-300, B737-400F, B747F          IAE V2500-A
               Tu-204CF, EMB-120ER, ERJ-145, B1900D                            CFM56-3C1

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